Privacy Statement

INFORMATION PURSUANT TO THE 2016/679 EU REGULATION and legislations in force on the Processing of data and Confidentiality procedures

Dear Customer,
As a directly concerned party and with regard to the personal data you either provided or shall provide to Biesse srl, we hereby inform you of the following:

the Legislative Decree governing the personal data protection rights provides that all concerned parties must be informed on data protection procedures and, whenever required, to express their consent to the processing of their data.

With reference to the term "processing," the Code takes into account any operation or set of operations carried out, even without the support of any electronic tools, to collect, record, organize, store, consult, select, extract, modify, compare, use, cross-relate, disclose, delete or destroy data, also whenever the same is not recorded in a database.

Pursuant to the aforementioned Code, the term "personal data" refers to any information on a physical or legal individual, body or association that can be identified or that is identifiable, even indirectly through other information, including personal registration numbers, personal data, IP Internet connection addresses, etc.


Holder of the processing of the data

The holder of the processing of the data is Biesse srl, based in Brescia, Via Corfù 71; the internal office in charge of the processing of the data is the Administration Office, which can be contacted in case of any request or additional information at the following email address


Purpose of the processing of the data

In order to perform the professional services required, Biesse must be in possession of the data needed to identify the customer, i.e. name, last name, social security code or VAT number, zip code, telephone number, email address and bank details for billing purposes. For certain activities, a copy of the ID is also required. The data is only collected and processed to ensure the correct and complete execution of the professional service required or to fulfill the consulting activities and issues on the industrial and intellectual property rights and titles; to file, obtain, maintain and defend patents, models and brands in Italy and abroad; to stipulate contracts of industrial and intellectual property titles; to draft technical and legal opinions on industrial and intellectual property titles; to provide consultancy and support in disputes and out-of-court or legal procedures on industrial and intellectual property rights and titles; to send notices and communications on the cases being managed and/or on the services and offers generally connected to industrial and intellectual property rights and to the activities carried out to fulfill the legal obligations required by law.


Methods used to process the data

a) The data will be processed using the following operations or sets of operations; direct collection of data in the office or via email, and subsequent registration, storing, archiving, consulting, processing, modification, selection, extraction, communication and deletion or destruction of the data.

b) The operations may be carried out with or without electronic or anyhow computerized supports. More specifically, the data will be processed on paper and/or digital means and archived in paper and digital form on internal and/or external servers, such as clouds, that are in any case protected by antivirus software, firewalls and devices capable of preventing any violation to and/or destruction of the same.

c) The data will be processed by the Holder and/or by the internal (employees or long-term associates) or external (as identified in the following section 6) individuals in charge of the same.


Provision of the data

The provision of the data required is strictly necessary for the purpose of carrying out the activities referred to in section 2.


Refusal to provide the data

The Company will not be able to fulfill the activities referred to in section 2 whenever a concerned party should refuse to provide the data required.


Data disclosure

The data collected will be processed by the individuals in charge of the same and may be disclosed, for the purposes referred to in section 2, to: external associates, such as translators, trademark or patent agents and offices, consulting firms of the industrial and intellectual property industry and the digital software and platform companies on whom we rely to schedule and/or pay the taxes required for the patents, models and brands; lawyers, domiciled lawyers and consultants to whom the activities were entrusted; bodies in charge of issuing the patents, models and brands in Italy and abroad, such as - by way of example - the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), the European Patent Office (EPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the Worldwide Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); the Revenue Agency and/or notaries for the registration of the documents; the Public Prosecutor's Offices and Consulates and Embassies of foreign nations to legalize the documents; the individuals operating in judicial branches, such as Courts, Civil Courts, Criminal Courts, Administrative Courts and Arbitration Boards; the opposing parties and their defenders in case of judicial or out-of-court civil, criminal or administrative disputes and, more generally, all individuals involved in the correct fulfillment of the purposes referred to in section 2, including Banking Institutions and/or accountants for the administrative, tax and accounting obligations.


Dissemination of the data

The data processed will be only be transferred to the individuals retained necessary, from time to time, for the fulfillment of the tasks entrusted and shall not be subjected to general dissemination and transfers, without prejudice to being published by competent offices whenever required for the ownership of patent, model and brand applications or licenses and/or in case of existing disputes or administrative procedures, pursuant to the laws in force.


Transfer of the data abroad

The personal data may be transferred to countries both within and outside of the European Union for the purposes referred to in section 2, i.e. to file, obtain, maintain and defend the patents, models and brands abroad.


Storing of the data

The data collected - names, addresses and phone numbers - is not sensitive data and is thus spontaneously stored for the fulfillment of the professional and potentially ongoing activities and/or for the management of cases that may concern the concerned party, even after years. The data is often recorded in databases, including public, patent, model and brand databases and/or of judicial authority. Therefore, the data will be stored until the concerned party specifically requests for its deletion.


Rights of the concerned party

At any time, the concerned party has the right to request the following from the Holder by means of an email to the internal office in charge:

  • - confirmation of the existence or non-existence of his/her personal data and provision of the same in an intelligible form;
  • - information on the origin of the data, its purpose, the processing method, the processing logic applied and the identification details of the holder and individuals to whom the same may be communicated;
  • - the concerned party also has the right to request the updating, rectification, integration, portability, deletion, destruction and transformation (into an anonymous form) of his/her data or any interruption of the processing of the same when in violation of the law;
  • - furthermore, the concerned individual has the right to object, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of his/her data and to file complaints to the competent supervisory authorities.


By signing the power of attorney and/or by confirming the professional assignment, the concerned party states to have received all of the information required by law and, in particular, those concerning his/her rights, and therefore approves to the processing of the data according to the methods and for the purposes specified in the information given and anyhow strictly connected to and necessary for the management of the professional relationship.


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