Training and seminars

Tailored Intellectual Property round-tables and courses

The Intellectual Property law is a wide and complex matter which evolves continuously and requires regular updates of all the professional stakeholders involved in a IP-related decision making process. The European Community Intellectual Property Law is framed by multiple regulations and agreements and is becoming more intricate due to its constant evolution driven by the general complexity of the modern competitive scenarios. The Italian intellectual property legislation and organisations thrive for their better integration with the Community Law and the relative EU and international entities.

Our patent attorneys and lawyers are continually being professionally updated by industry-specific international and domestic conferences, publications and opinion-exchange sessions with competent professionals. Our corporate strength is in our professional expertise and willingness to offer the highest standard of service to our clients and the more personal provision of industry news and changing trends.

Moreover, we strongly recommend our clients maintain their internal team competences and be familiar with ongoing intellectual property changes. Upon receiving a clients’ request, our consultants structure, organise and conduct a tailored themed round-tables for the clients’ internal IP staff. With this structured process, you can make an inquiry for a specific matter of an Intellectual Property Right round-table or a dedicated course.