Patent translations

Patent Translation Services

IP firm, Biesse, offers a high quality patent and other IP related translations. All the translations are performed by highly professional translators and double-checked by field-competent attorneys.

Languages and techniques of patent translations

We provide translation from and to a wide range of languages, from the most commonly requested French, English, German and Italian to less frequent cases.

Our translators combine various translation technics, language proficiency and subject matter knowledge. The well-known software TRADOS is commonly used by our staff, in order to implement shared custom glossaries and to guarantee the uniformity of terminology used by a given patent owner over time.

These translations are reviewed by the patent attorney or lawyer competent to the case, who verifies the entire translation with extreme accuracy.

We translate patents, opinions, litigation documents, writs, exhibits, statements and any IP related document.

Pricing and discounts

We have a flexible pricing system based on several criteria such as the difficulty of the original and final languages of translation, the number of words to be translated and the possibility to rely on previous translations performed by us on the same subject matter for the same client. For more detailed information, or for a quotation, please contact our staff.



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