Patent filing

Patent Law and patent protection

BIESSE services on patent filing and prosecution

Our firm advises on all aspects of patent protection in Italy, Europe and abroad, including watching and challenging third parties’ rights. Our services vary from identifying inventions, to drafting and filing patent applications and to prosecuting, when appropriate, in Italy before the European Patent Office and worldwide agencies.

1Patent applications

drafting and filing patent applications and steering them through the application process to grant; here you can learn more onhow a patent is drafted;


advocacy on behalf of our clients at IPTO and European Patent Office hearings in appeals and opposition cases and worldwide;
litigation advice and support;

3Patentability report
4Preliminary injunctions

patent maintenance and trademark renewals;
here you can learn more on renewal fee calculations you can consult here the renewal fees for an Italian patent;
annuities due for a European patent or an international patent depend on the countries of validation selected;

6Searches and watches

searches and watching services to identify key developments within competitors’ IP portfolios;
register checks and Prior Art searches using a variety of databases;

7Legal agreements
8Supplementary Protection Certificates

obtaining Supplementary Protection Certificates for medicinal products.


We also take care of all post-grant procedures and cases. Our patent attorneys and Lawyers advise on IP portfolio planning, strategies and tactics, searching for and watching for third party rights, infringement and validity options, licensing, maintenance and renewals, and due diligence.