Trademark protection


Trademarks are one of the central assets of one’s business, that help distinguish it from competitors and define an attractive offer to clients. It is crucial registering trademarks and enforcing the trademark rights, taken into consideration the growing value of these assets for a business, in terms of perceived value added to their

Our trademark attorneys

Our dedicated trademark attorneys are highly experienced and consistently recognised amongst Italian companies for Italian and European trademark filings, prosecution and trademark rights enforcement. They provide specialist support in all trademark related fields to many new and established Italian brands.

Our firm is consolidated in strategic planning (nationally and globally) for all IP assets and in managing IP portfolios in order to maximize their cost-efficiency in a variety of industry sectors. In particular, our attorneys have strong expertise in:

  • portfolio management
  • IP protection strategy
  • trademark intelligence
  • watching (monitoring of trademarks) and trademark searches
  • filing and prosecution
  • renewals
  • audit of the existing TM portfolios
  • litigation (inter specialised partes proceedings, cancellation, invalidity proceedings, etc)
  • transactional work including all post-registration formalities (changes of name, assignments, licensing and due diligence)
  • registering and enforcing design rights
  • custom watches and seizure

Our trademark attorneys have years of extensive collaboration with law firms, that require their skills in searching for a trademark law, related opinions and advice on protecting their clients’ interests in Italy and Europe. Our firm provides litigation support to law firms and solicitors in Italy and the European Union on contentious proceedings and have excellent in-house experiences of court practices in various fields.If you would like to get an overview of the Italian, European and International Trademark law, you can consult our Guide, also available for download in PDF.